Fintech API Providers in India: Revolutionizing Finance...
    15 Feb 2023

    Fintech API Providers in India: Revolutionizing Finance

    Fintech API Providers in India

    The emergence of financial technology or fintech has revolutionized the way people approach financial transactions. Fintech API providers in India have played a crucial role in financial transactions by enabling the secure and efficient exchange of data between different systems. As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, the financial industry has also experienced a significant transformation. In India, the fintech industry is rapidly growing, and API providers are leading the way. At RPACPC, we are proud to be one of the prominent API providers in this industry, offering a range of APIs that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. In this blog, we will explore how fintech API providers in India are changing the game for finance and how our APIs can help you achieve your financial goals.

    FinTech – the buzzing sector and which has become the most important pillar of digital revolution in India, is making great strides and providing useful services through the application of cutting-edge technologies. One of the technology is Application Programming Interface (API) which has transformed innumerable financial organizations.

    What Is API And What Is Its’ Role And Significance In The Fintech Sector?

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enables various systems to communicate with each other. API acts as a link, bridge or a block between different parts of the software solutions for exchanging data, that are tailor-made in case of specific requirements of the FinTech client. In the FinTech sector, it holds great potential and helps industries, banks, consumers, and other financial organizations get access to real-time data. Similarly, in the finance sector, APIs allow third parties to access data with the permission of the client and that has brought a sea change in the sector.

    The financial organizations are taking utmost benefit by tying up with third parties to expand their services. These financial APIs are being integrated by the developers with the banking and finance industry applications, which has resulted in cost-effective and faster services to the consumers as well as service providers.

    APIs For Various Applications In The Fintech Sector:

    With increasing adaption and usability, there are many FinTech API providers in India catering to various applications under the ambit of FinTech sector. Some of the fields where API has played a pivotal role include –

    • Payment Provider
    • Digital Banking
    • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
    • Investment Management
    • Verification Platform

    Apart from the above, one additional application is Identity Verification where API has proved to be a boon and has tremendously helped organizations, especially in the Indian context like PAN-Aadhaar linking services, PAN Verification, GST Verification and much more.

    While we have seen sufficient information and witnessed the seamless integration of APIs. With respect to the above-mentioned sectors, easing the lives of consumers and service providers. The role of API in Identity Verification is upcoming. But it is being widely appreciated for the ease of usage and efficiency factors.

    RPACPC – An Ideal Fintech API Solution For Businesses

    RPACPC is one of the leading FinTech API companies in India in the Identity Verification segment with customized Robotic Process Automations (RPAs) developed and implemented for offering services like Bulk PAN-Aadhaar Linking Status, PAN-Aadhaar Link, PAN and GST verification and 206AB Compliance Check for leading corporates across each sector in India. provides real-time identity verification of individual as well as entities and has in-house built plug-and-use APIs for corporates and large industry houses. With time being the money and data being the fuel, RPACPC ensures that clients get the optimum benefit through easy, robust, and real-time solutions through APIs. With the increased focus of the Government of India to plug the tax loopholes and to bring increased transparency and more money into the mainstream taxation system, it is necessary to have super-fast and cost-effective background checks and authentic, legitimate identity checks; and RPACPC fulfills this requirement completely.

    RPACPC majorly fulfills the three basic requirements of organizations-

    End-to-end Automation – Greatly making the process efficient and eliminating the chance of human-error.

    Complete Solutions – The RPACPC platform has been designed to offer complete solutions that an organization desires in terms of identity and proof verification.

    Risk Prevention – When handling such huge amount of data. There are great chances of data being missed, wrongly entered, or replaced. RPACPC through its’ efficient solutions helps mitigate the associated risks.

    Let’s See Some Of The Use Cases Offered By RPACPC In The Identity Verification Segment-

    PAN Aadhaar Link

    PAN-Aadhaar link service lets you check whether PAN is linked with Aadhaar or not and provides a simple tool to link the same online.

    GST Verification API

    GST Verification API is an online facility offered by RPACPC for verifying GST numbers and obtaining relevant information about GST-registered businesses in India.

    206AB Compliance Check

    A simple yet effective solution to verify compliance with Section 206AB of the Income Tax Act in India. Which deals with the requirement for certain entities to deduct Tax at Source.

    PAN Status

    Through the PAN Status tool, you can check the status of Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by the Income Tax Department in India.

    Key Features Of Fintech APIs:

    Easy To Integrate

    With a view to improve customer experience who are in the constant lookout for new and better services. APIs in FinTech can greatly aid third-party integrations across all programming languages and platforms at a much lower cost.

    Security And Compliance

    With banking and financial services not limited to a particular country due to technological advancements. And the concept of open banking. FinTech APIs can greatly help financial organizations in terms of accessing and handling open and sensitive data. Security and compliance to regulations can be well achieved through APIs.

    Bulk Verification

    The API engines are designed in such a way that they can handle and process bulk data with higher accuracy and in a time-bound manner.

    Data Accessibility

    With APIs, it is ensured that customer experience is enhanced through accessible data which is secure. APIs help accessing data which helps to provide personalized offerings to customers.

    Fast And Efficient Operations

    Fast process and solutions are one of the key aspects of API. With the help of API solutions in FinTech. Companies can add customized features for the customers quickly & also introduce new products and services in a real quick time. Companies can create customized API functions based on specific requirements. The finance sector can leverage to provide fast and efficient online services that can help save valuable time and cost.

    Cross-Platform Availability And Support

    With APIs, financial organizations can easily offer cross-platform functionalities. Through the API feature, customers can get seamless experience and support on desktop, mobile, and other platforms.

    Thus it is clear that FinTech API holds the future and is already creating a great impact, especially in India. Due to its many functionalities and benefits, companies can make use of it and offer customized products. And services to customers. FinTech API is a major pillar of the finance sector revolution and companies. Whether it is big or small can easily avail APIs to introduce new and innovative offerings. Through APIs, an enhanced customer experience that is personalized, reliable, and faster, can easily be provided.  

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