TAN is a unique 10-digit alpha-numeric number assigned by the Income Tax Department of India to entities responsible for deducting TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) on behalf of the government. Entities must have a TAN number and quote it on all TDS-related documentation, including TDS returns and payments.Verifying TAN also assists in maintaining an accurate record of TDS/TCS deposits and payments. Failing to quote a correct TAN may attract penalties under section 272B of the Income Tax Act. Hence, verifying TAN to ensure compliance and avoid potential penalties is advisable. RPACPC TAN PAN Verification API service provides a quick and easy way to extract the PAN from the TAN. This service is particularly useful for entities that need to reconcile their tax transactions and ensure that the tax has been correctly attributed to the appropriate PAN.

    Our API simplifies the process of finding your PAN (Permanent Account Number) from your TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number).

    By entering a TAN number, you can obtain the associated PAN along with information on the TAN’s category. You can determine if the TAN is affiliated with a local, central, or state government body, a company, a branch of a company, an individual, a branch of an individual, a firm, or a branch of a firm, as well as the name of the TAN.

    Our API eliminates the hassle of manually reconciling TAN and PAN numbers, offering a quick and efficient solution. With just one API hit, you can retrieve a linked PAN number from your TAN number.

    Join our API services today and enjoy a streamlined and hassle-free experience of finding your PAN from your TAN.



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    TAN PAN Verification API


    What is TAN PAN API?

    TAN PAN Verification API is a powerful API that allows you to extract the PAN associated with the TAN along with some additional information about the provided TAN.

    What is TAN?

    The Income-tax Department issues a 10-digit alpha-numeric number known as Tax Deduction Account Number or Tax Collection Account Number.

    How does TAN PAN API work?

    Upon entering the TAN number which the user to wants to verify, the RPACPCs TAN PAN API takes the request and fetches the required details from the government sources.

    What information can I get against a TAN number?

    The TAN PAN API offers the PAN associated with the TAN. The TAN holder’s name and the category of the TAN.

    Is it possible to bulk verify the TANs?

    Yes, it’s absolutely possible. The RPACPC’s Utility is here to help you out in this regard. One can verify n number of TANs in just a few clicks using RPACPC’s Bulk processing utility.

    How many categories does the TAN have?

    There are 8 categories TAN falls namely Central and State Government, Local Bodies/Other Government Organisations, Company, Branch of a Company, Individual/HUF, Branch of Individual(sole-proprietership concern)/HUF, Firm/AOP/AOP(T)/BOI/Artificial Juridical Person, Branch of Firm/AOP/AOP(T)/BOI/Artificial Juridical Person.


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